Elitist Barrio de Salamanca

In addition to its museums and monuments, Madrid is famous for its stores, malls and markets where to find everything for all economies and in any place.

The elitist Barrio de Salamanca is another of the great centers of shopping in Madrid. It is calle Serrano, considered to be the most elegant of Madrid and that is home to stores of leading brands of luxury in the city. Nearby, other streets as Ortega y Gasset, Jorge Juan Claudio Coello also are infected of the elegance of this ‘golden mile’ to create a zone of reference in fashion, decoration and luxury jewelry. Neighbor it is Goya Street, equally commercial, but with digiridos to a much more majority public establishments. Goya we are some of the major department stores of the city, as well as numerous fashion boutiques.

The trail is much more than a huge flea market. It is all a tourist attraction of Madrid itself, every Sunday morning, filled much of the center of the city of passers-by and street vendors. There numerous articles of all kinds are sold: clothing, crafts, electronic disks, with even the possibility of getting lost in some antique shop in search of a lost treasure. One of the best ways to spend a Sunday morning in Madrid. Our hotel is situated to little more than one quarter of an hour on foot.

Here we are going to talk about major purchases that can be made in Madrid, from the best areas to do so and some tips for tourism on the rise, shopping tourism, an activity that can perform 365 days a year.

We can find everything from shops of the main and most important fashion designers up to those smaller ones with prices to suit all budgets but with clothing and footwear of quality and for every taste thanks to the variety of shops from the most elegant to the most alternative.

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