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We are one of the hotels located closest to the gate of the Sun, which makes the Quatro Puerta del Sol in one of the best hotels in Madrid for shopping, given our proximity to the most central commercial area of Madrid. However, apart from this area, those who want to come shopping to Madrid have other many areas in the city that stand out for their stores.

The MalasaƱa neighbourhood offers the public a concept of stores other than the previous ones. There you have been installing retro-style shops that sold a line of fashionable young and alternative in one of the most important areas of March in the capital. On the other hand, every Saturday is mounted on square of 2 may the market of collectibles and antiques, and the DOSDEmarket, in which young designers have the opportunity to expose their products to the public.

Puerta del Sol is the commercial heart of the city center. Although the square itself that gives its name to the area it may not be that hosts the most brilliant shops, the streets of its around are home to some of the major department stores and shops of all major international fashion chains. Arenal, Montera Carmen, some of them are but the most important is that of Preciados – one of the most important shopping streets of all Spain. Especially during the busiest shopping periods: Christmas and rebates, the pedestrian part of this street is always crowded by shoppers and curious. Our hotel is just a few minutes walk from the Puerta del Sol.

Gran Via is popular as the main street of cinemas, theatres and musicals in Madrid, but also stands out for its commercial life. In it we find mainly fashion shops and fashion accessories, some of them huge, since it is cinema converted into commercial establishment. However, it is also a point of interest for those looking for books and records, since there are huge stores specializing in cultural products as the Liberian House of the FNAC – on the Plaza de Callao – book.

Fuencarral is the shopping street of fashion in Madrid. After a profound reform in the entire neighborhood, which became part of this ancient street in a pedestrian area, have been installed in it some of the younger and alternative of the city shops. The epicenter of this explosion of shops for young people, which also extends through the streets nearby, is the picturesque Fuencarral market.

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